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Expert Investigates 10-Year-Old’s “Reincarnation” Claims – NBC News

In suit you’ve been living under a gravestone, there’s this kid who claims to have been a Hollywoody big-shot back in the working day. Dr. Jim Tucker’s been keen on the narration, how everything matches up perfectly, and Cynthia McFadden sat down with the kid and Dr. Tucker for a closer look into this case. Next occasion Cynthia’s hard-up, perhaps she’d enjoy camping with Brent Swancer. He’s compiled an exhaustive roster of Spooky Haunted Cabins In The Woods ordinarily unavailable through Airbnb. Or she can chat up the queen of ghost investigations, Hayley Stevens, for her hot take on The Ethics Of Paranormal Skepticism fostering skepticism of skepticism. From the other side of the aisle Michael Prescott sheds some shadow on James Randi, and his ilk, for being Less Than Amazing when it comes to their positivist “methodologies” for denying the existence of the paranormal. Astonishingly, Prescott mounts a serious defense of some paranormalists who have been long written-off as being hoaxers.( CS)

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