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Whole Lotta Carbon: TopCar Gives New Mercedes G-Class The Inferno Treatment

If you happen to own a new G-Class and are looking for something more spicy, TopCar can make it seem more like the highly desirable AMG G63. And if carbon fiber is your thing, then it’s hard to say no to their Inferno body kit.

The lightweight material has been applied pretty much on every single panel: you can find it in the front and rear bumpers, doors, fenders, side sills, hood, roof- heck, even the tailgate-mounted spare wheel handle!

TopCar has also replaced the Merc’s original grille with a brand-new one, which mimics the specific characteristics of the modern G63, and supplanted the traditional three-spoked superstar badge with their own. The shark logo is likewise visible on a number of different parts, includes the front fender add-ons, side exhaust tips, rear wing and spare wheel encompas. A got a couple of additional LED suns mounted on the roof, a matte green paint and a new wheel given, in 22 or 23 inches, round up the index of not-so-subtle upgrades.

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The price for the new G-Class Inferno body kit starts at EUR1 9,083 ($ 21,573 ). The full kit adds the headlight safety cover-up, side roof panels, roof spoiler, additional LED sunlights, exhaust tips and shark logos, and costs EUR2 6,783 ($ 30,278 ). If you crave the basic kit with visible carbon fiber, it’ll expense ya EUR2 4,750 ($ 27,980 ), whereas the full kit with visible carbon fiber and some other carbon constituents, including the side mirror casings, expenses EUR3 9,650 ($ 44,824 ). Steep, but you do “ve got a lot” of carbon fiber for your buck.

Installation and painting are an extra EUR6, 500 ($ 7,348) for the basic or EUR7, 500 ($ 8,479) for the full kit. Likewise, the engine bonnet in visible (!) or primed carbon fiber expenditure another EUR7, 500 ($ 8,479) and EUR6, 350 ($ 7,179 ), respectively, and the 23 -inch wheels can be had at EUR7, 700 ($ 8,705 ), or EUR1, 000 ($ 1,131) more than the 22 -inch ones.

TopCar will present the G-Class Inferno at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show next month, but you can panorama it in great detail in the gallery right below.

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