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Matte Grey Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Is A Road-Going Stealth Bomber

The Aventador SVJ may be unattainable for the vast majority of the 7.5 billion people walking the earth, but that doesn’t make it any less desirable. In fact, it probably makes it even more lust-worthy.

Lamborghini only intends on building 900 examples of the Aventador SVJ, which makes it sort of exclusive and boosts its appeal.

While it’s almost certain that number will increase if an SVJ Roadster is built (which we dare say it will), the fastest Lamborghini production car is the latest must-have for supercar owners throughout the world and we’ve already seen some pretty crazy specs. This SVJ recently delivered to a customer in Vancouver is perhaps our favorite.

The owner of the car ordered it in Grigio Titans, a dark matte grey that looks absolutely killer. While Nero Nemesis (aka matte black) might make the Aventador SVJ look even stealthier, we think matte grey suits the Italian supercar perfectly. Not only does the shade give the car a real stealth bomber feel, but it’s also not too dark to hide some of the SVJ’s aggressive lines and body panels. Instead, the matte grey actually accentuates some of the lines.

Not satisfied with just a matte grey finish, the owner opted to have the ‘J’ on the vehicle’s rear quarter panels finished bright red. There’s also green calipers that tie everything together.

The interior is also exceptional. As with most Aventadors, there’s the usual mix of black leather, plastic, and Alcantara but to ensure this cabin was unlike any other, a plethora of green accents are found throughout.

All in all, a very nicely specced SVJ and, green calipers apart, very close to what we’d spec ours – if we ever won the lottery or a filthy rich uncle we didn’t know we had remembered us in his will.

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