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Saints vs. Rams is a gumbo grudge match for Marcus Peters and Sean Payton

Marcus Peters has been waiting more than 2 month for his second possibility at Sean Payton and the Saints.

A pair of rematches are on the way this weekend with spots in Super Bowl 53 on the line. The Kansas City Chiefs will look to retaliate their October loss to the New England Patriots, and the Los Angeles Rams are trying to run things back with a win over the New Orleans Saint.

The Saints opened November with a 45 -3 5 win against the Rams, led by a franchise-record 211 receiving yards for wide receiver Michael Thomas.

Giving up most of those gardens was Marcus Peters — a two-time Pro Bowl cornerback, who hasn’t lived up to the publicity after he was traded to the Rams from the Chiefs in February. Kansas City got a 2019 second-round picking and change out of the bargain, while the Rams got a cornerback who gave up six touchdowns and a 109.9 passer rating during the course of its regular season.

But Peters’ rough period against New Orleans gave us something spicy for the rematch. The cornerback is out for some avenge against Saints coach Sean Payton 😛 TAGEND Why is there Sean Payton and Marcus Peters beef?

According to Pro Football Focus, Peters was in coverage for seven members of Thomas’ receptions and “ve been given” 146 of the receiver’s 211 gardens. About half of the yardage given up by Peters came on one 72 -yard touchdown in the final minutes of the game.

YOU CAN’T GUARD MIKE !!: FOX #GOSAINTS @cantguardmike pic.twitter.com/ ire4 3pp5TD

— NFL (@ NFL) November 5, 2018

After the game, Payton was asked about the touchdown, and whether or not he was surprised to see Peters — who generally plays on the right side of the field — match up with Thomas on the left side.

“That was the plan, ” Payton said, via the Los Angeles Times. “They were going to travel Marcus to him, and that was fine by us. We thought we really liked that matchup — a lot.”

That comment didn’t sit well with Peters. He was asked about it in the locker room and made quite clear that he was looking forward to another chance to play the Saints.

Marcus Peters looks forward to playing the Saint again, and sharing a bowl of gumbo with Sean Payton. pic.twitter.com/ W5Kpmm5P4M

— Lindsey Thiry (@ LindseyThiry) November 9, 2018

“Tell Sean Payton keep talking that shit, we’re going to see him soon, ” Peters said. “You feel me? I liked what he was saying on the sidelines too. So I’ll tell[ him]’ Keep talking that shit and I hope you discover me soon. You feel me? And then we’re going to have a nice little bowl of gumbo together.”

Peters “ve never had” shy about saying what he feels, so it’s not too surprising that he was so candid after video games. He’s given the football world great mentions like “Shit, where we going? Home? ” after the Chiefs’ playoff loss a year ago. There was also this gem in 2017 after he was asked about forcing a fumble.

“That shaped my game from hella weak to weak, you feel me? I’m not hella weak, I’m merely weak this week. Next week I’ll get back on my shit though so yeah.”

It was also unsurprising that Payton deflected questions about Peters’ commentaries rather than stoke all types of flames.

Rams’ Marcus Peters had some not so kind words to say about #Saints HC Sean Payton this week.”Tell Sean Payton to keep talking that s—. We going to see him soon, you feel me? “Payton was asked about those commentaries today. pic.twitter.com/ 4p6Bu4WbZB

— Garland Gillen (@ garlandgillen) November 9, 2018

“He’s a challenger and we’re concentrate on this play, ” was all Payton devoted reporters.

It’s likewise unclear if Payton actually said anything to Peters from the sideline during the game. That wouldn’t be surprising, though. After all, Payton was the tutor who taunted Vikings devotees with a Skol clap privilege before the Minneapolis Miracle made him set his foot in his mouth.

Will the rematch be any different?

Last week, Michael Thomas had 12 receptions for 171 gardens and one touchdown. It was a ridiculously great performance, while Peters gave up six receptions for 115 yards against the Dallas Cowboys.

So on the surface, it sure looks like the Saints are well set up to pick on Peters again in the NFC Championship.

Peters is still on the hunt for his revenge, though. On Monday, he twice tweeted “It’s gumbo week let’s devour, ” but deleted the tweet both times.

Rams CB @marcuspeters is ready for the Saints pic.twitter.com/ c28WnyFK6E

— NFL on ESPN (@ ESPNNFL) January 14, 2019

The good report for the Rams is that Peters has played better since his bumpy period against the Saints to begin November. In the first nine weeks, Peters gave up six touchdowns with simply one interception. Quarterbacks had an astronomical 145.2 passer rating when hurling his way.

But in the final eight weeks of the regular season, he didn’t give up another touchdown, caught two interceptions, and merely gave up 17 receptions. The passer rating for throws his direction was just 45.1 in the back half of the year.

It likewise doesn’t aid New Orleans that Drew Brees hasn’t been his best lately. He underthrew two deep extends against the Eagles that should’ve been touchdowns. One was intercepted on the first play from scrimmage, and the second was knocked away from Taysom Hill.

Peters didn’t have the best period against the Cowboys last week, but he didn’t give up any touchdowns either. So the Saints might not have as much luck throwing his space Sunday as they did in Week 9.

Expect trolling no matter who wins

If the Rams win, you’ve gotta figure Peters is going to be eating a bowl of gumbo in the locker chamber, right?

And if the Saints win — yep, gumbo might be the move there too.

When the Saints beat Philadelphia last week, they celebrated in the locker chamber by wearing ski disguises and dancing to Meek Mill. Both were a shot at the Eagles, who wore ski disguises during their late season upsurge into the postseason. Meek Mill is a Philadelphia-area rapper whose carol “Dreams and Nightmares” grew the anthem of the Eagles’ Super Bowl pass last year.

So this is a team that’s spate petty, and more than willing to do some trolling. No thing how Peters’ rematch with Payton moves — expect the gumbo-fueled beef( mmm) to continue into postgame.

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