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The Bachelor Sneak Peek: Is This the Season 23 Villain?

It’s the question on the concept of Bachelor followers heading into Season 23, and one Bachelor spoilers can’t even answer yet 😛 TAGEND

Will anyone steal Colton Underwood’s famous chastity?

And while our latest established of The Bachelor spoilers do appear to offer up an answer, we’ll need to wait and watch upcoming chapters to see how everything there is plays out.

In this first clip from the season premiere, however, a different difficulty starts for the admirers 😛 TAGEND

Someone continues stealing Underway away … from them!

“So, I was just talking to Colton. So, that was great, but I got interrupted … by what’s her name, ” Tahzjuan says in this clip, which debuted on Entertainment Tonight and which features many contenders at the opening night cocktail party.

“Catherine interrupted you? ” questions Onyeka, instantaneously aware of who Tahzjuan speaks to because she sustained the same fate at the hands of this competitor.

“I walked away, and he said,’ Fourth time’s the appeal ?’ ” Tahzjuan replied.

“Four times? Everyone should get a chance to talk to him. Everyone! And I told her that, ” Onyeka says, before saying even more in a confessional.

“What the hell! I can’t belief she stole Colton again. I thought we had a great conversation, we hugged it out afterwards and everything, ” she tells the camera, adding 😛 TAGEND

“But patently she doesn’t care at all.”

It sure sounds like ABC opens up Catherine to be the season’s firstly rascal, huh?

Here is the official promotional photo of her 😛 TAGEND

And here’s a snapshot of Catherine chit-chat with Colton on opening night 😛 TAGEND

Will her backhanded tactics pay off?

We aren’t about to reveal right now whether or not Catherine induces the final four — but we do know the eventual Bachelor win this season.

“It’s really frustrating because I have been waiting patiently and being respectful to all the other girls to get my day, ” Courtney adds here. “Catherine’s merely being straight-up rude.”

Check out the dramatic footage now!

The bachelor sneak peek is this the season 23 villain

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