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This Aerial Photo of Frozen Lakes is Not What It Seems

Check out this aerial photo of four lagoons in an icy wintertime scenery. It’s actually not what it seems. Photographer Josh Newcomb captured this photo of a frozen puddle from ground level in his own backyard.

Josh had clicked a casual photo of the soil employing his iPhone 8 Plus. Later, while reviewing his photos, he came here across this one and had to do a double take.

” The style this picture of a frozen puddle in my backyard looks a lot like a scenery from financial perspectives of a plane ,” he writes, adding that zero editing has been done to the shot.

After sharing the photo online the coming week, Josh has watched it run viral and become members of the top photos ever posted to the popular subreddit/ r/ mildlyinteresting.

” This was just nature at its finest ,” Josh says.

Image credits: Photo by Josh Newcomb and used with permission

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