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How To Feed Your Baby Solids

At this degree in our clause serial, we’ve laid a good footing for starting your child on solids. We’ve learned when it’s better to start solids, how to introduce solids, and how your babe may react after starting to eat solid foods. But, wait, how do you physically feed your baby solids and at what time of day?

How to Feed Your Child: When Should Meals Happen?

Some mothers find themselves wondering when solid feedings should happen — first thing in the morning? Before bed? Three times a day? In the first week or so of starting solids, it’s probably best to start off with one or two “meals” of solid foods every day. And keep in thinker that it’s best to feed your baby when she’s well-rested — that’ll ensure she has the vigor to tackle this challenge! Eventually, avoid trying to feed your child solids when she’s very hungry; as the video mentioned, she probably won’t have the patience! Instead, nurse your newborn firstly( or offer her a bottle ); then, when she’s had her fill of milk, offer her a few spoonfuls of solid food.

How to Feed Your Newborn: Getting Situated

The first step to feeding your baby is to get her comfortably seated. You may opt to place your baby in a highchair for feeding time, but as you probably noticed while watching the video, that’s not your only option. You may want to place your babe in her Bouncy Seat or another type of infant seat( only be sure not to set your baby on a table or counter while in their seat ), or you may find it easiest to have someone else maintain her on their lap while you feed her. Ultimately, do whatever establishes you and your newborn most comfortable.

How to Feed Your Babe: The Right Equipment

Having the right tools for feeding is crucial. It’s better to employ a small, flat, plastic( or rubber-tipped) spoonful so that your child is likely to be suck meat from it. And plastic bowl are best to start with; there’s ever a chance your munchkin will get his hands on it! Remember, if you choose plastic utensils and dishes, make sure they’re BPA-free .) Finally, it’s necessary to have abundance of bibs( and consider water-proof ones ) on hand, as they’re going to have unclean tight!

How to Feed Your Baby: Sums and Kinds of Food

In these early days of starting solids, you’ll probably feel like your newborn is scarcely eating anything. Don’t worry — that’s normal! Start off small-time — offer 1 tablespoon of meat at each meal, and then gradually increase the quantities as your child becomes to benefit from solids.

As for those kinds of meat to give your baby in the beginning, you can refer to our “How To Introduce Solid Foods To Your Baby” section, or our Solid Foods Charts for tips-off on what kinds of meat are best to begin.

” Sweet” foods( like carrots, sugary potatoes, fruits, etc .) are good firstly foods because they mimic the sweet penchant of breastmilk. And newborn cereal mixed with breastmilk or formula can be good to start with as well.

Whatever meat you introduce first, be said that their texture should be thin and perfectly smooth, so that baby is able to easily swallow them. Down the road, you’ll be able to introduce lumpy, mashed meat, and eventually, small-scale fragments of thumb good! But for now, stick to runny purees.

Remember to introduce foods one at a time and to permit at the least a few days to pass before introducing a new meat. This will assist you monitor for meat allergies; it’ll likewise help your babe get accustomed to the savour of each food before you start mingling them together in the second largest months. Eventually, make it national priorities to introduce a variety of meat to your babe. This may help induce a less-picky eater in the months to come! And remember — because we are don’t like something doesn’t mean your baby won’t like it! Personally, I’m not a fan of pureed prunes, but my daughter loved them when she was 7 and 8 months old.

How to Feed Your Babe: Have Fun !!

It’s appropriate to end with that reminder, don’t you think? It can be easy to get lost in the details and a matter of starting your child on solids, but remember to stop and enjoy this process. This is one of the first of many milestones you and your baby will share, so snap a few illustrations! These first few banquets of solid foods will be precious remembrances in the years to come.

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Have any tried-and true-blue tips for how to feed a child solid foods? Discuss the matter here!

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