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Why Blanket Forts are Amazing!

The definition of a Blanket Fort:

A den constructed indoors, made use of sheets, blankets, cushions, pillows, clothes pegs, elastic bands and fairy suns. Though specifically built for children, all ages welcome. This space becomes a place for whisperings or shouts, quiet hour or raucous hour, watching cinemas or playing, getting cuddly and cozy or … fort battles. Am I right ?!

In probably a few adults childhood memories there will be one treasured period where a Blanket Fort was stirred. Perhaps it was a period in the middle of wintertime where biblical amounts of snow or rain continued to fall or perhaps a period of quarantine from a sickness in the members of this house. Perhaps you two are climbing the walls and your parents were out of ideas of entertaining you themselves. Or perhaps, just perhaps it was you, your 5-year-old minute of genius in deciding to build one yourself. Either style, one was constructed and it was epic, perhaps in your brain, it was the dimensions of the Perkin’s tent that was lent to the Weasley family to use for the Quidditch World Cup in Harry Potter. Let’s be honest, it probably wasn’t anywhere near that size in reality, but the hell is beside the point really, isn’t it? The degree is, it was awesome. Which is why you still remember it to this day and why when you re-tell it, it was the size of a small mansion.

Perhaps you never made one though. No Problem! We are here to explain WHY they are so awesome.

Apart from the fact that, you know … they just are, there are so many reasons to why they can create spire instants in your child’s long-term recollection bank.

We all necessity somewhere to withdraw to from time to time, both child and adult alike. The world-wide can sometimes feel big-hearted and overwhelming. Blanket Fort offers a room to process everything. It can be a tool for either reflection or vigor releasing play!

They are great tools to be able to engage with your children, to spend some quality occasion with them. It is another fun space for siblings to interact with each other, role play-act loudly or sit softly together watching a movie.

They can be froths of energy and noise just as they are able pockets of quiet sanctuary and calm- a safe space. They are great for speaking with your kids or watching a movie, just as they are great sleepover province. A small warning- no sleeping will probably occur! Simply many, many, MANY movies. I should know, I remember them well!

They can be small forts with only one room, or big ones with passageways and multiple chambers. They can be bright with flashlights glistening everywhere, dark with no lighting, or somewhere in-between with fairy illuminations twinkling.

They can be made in any room of the house, whether sitting room, bedroom or dining room, everywhere has potential.

In fact, if somebody needs me…I’ll be in my own blanket fort, that’s the size of the tent in Harry Potter( patently ), eating a tub full of popcorn and read a journal. Perhaps if I’m quiet enough the kids won’t find me…

Items you can use to shape your Blanket Fort For the walls and roof of your fortress

Blankets Quilt embraces Shaped sheets

For attaching and holding up the walls

Clothes peg Food pegs Elastic bands Removable sticky hooks that can be stuck on walls or ceilings A broomstick for the middle if “youre trying to” make a teepee shapes fort Bed frames Tables Armchairs Sofas Teepee structures

For inside comfort

Cushions Pillows Rugs Mattresses Plush blankets/ cable knit( the more cuddly the very best) Sleep containers

Lights to use inside

Flashlights Fairy daylights Table lamps


TV Laptop Tablet Coloring pads and pens Book Magazine


Hot chocolate Popcorn Dried fruit Potato Chips Chocolate Sweets Bumble Nums Snack Mix Any treat!

Sign( optional)

Sign of the epithet of your fort so that everybody that extends will remember for now and prosperity!

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Contributor Grace Selous Bull is an arts education author and freelance blogger. Her book,’ Potty About Pots: arts and crafts for home and school’ is aimed at children from 5-12 years old and takes them through a passage of ceramics through time. Her blog, The Rainbow Tree, explores all aspects of arts and crafts, and is also intended to children of all ages. She is a full hour Mummy of two girls, both of whom adore being creative, and is married to her husband, Andrew, who does not. Follow her on instagram and twitter.

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