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Why memes of moths looking for lamps sum up 2018


There were a lot of good memes in 2018. Instead of selecting only one meme as the Meme of the Year, we’re highlighting a few of our favorites this week. Read all of the tales here.

2018 made from tide pod shapes

I’m on the internet using more hours than I’d like to count every day. A large-scale component of this time is invested looking for memes, recognizing social trends, and trying to monitor what happens on Twitter without losing my mind. As anyone who is Extremely Online can probably attest, the internet changes how you think about everything. And 2018 actually warped my perception. I can’t look at a Pop-Tart anymore without thinking, “is a Pop-Tart a ravioli? ” A friend demonstrates me a picture of their puppy taking an afternoon sleep and I say, “Big Mood.” And when I insure moths hovering over an artificial illuminate, I think of moth memes.



If you were on the internet at all between September and October, you likely assured a moth meme. The images typically evidence a close-up photo of a moth asking for a lamp. Sometimes these images are combined with other memes, like Distracted Boyfriend or Slaps Roof of Car.

As the meme grew in the autumn of 2018, people started employing different photos of moths and utilizing a particular expression to the bugs, generally with umlauts over the vowels. The meme likely ran viral so fast because the joke is so easy to understand. Everyone has discovered a moth continue to attract a light source.

But in a crowded time of popular memes, do moth memes genuinely stand out? Other memes like “It’s over for you bitches” and Tired SpongeBob seem more relevant to 2018, a year that we all struggled to get through. But moth memes are ultimately about desiring something that isn’t are you all right. The visual of a moth flinging its form over and over again on a light fixture is an apt metaphor for 2018. That’s why I think it’s the meme of the year.

The image of the moth that kicked off the meme was originally shared in the r/ creepy subreddit. It’s a grainy shot of a moth sitting on a windowsill. Because the image is so close-up, the moth has a human-like excellence. We can see its glowing eyes, antenna, and detailed wings. The moth appears to want to come inside. And since we all know that moths are attracted to light, the first provide comments on this Reddit post was a hit:” Hey buddy you have any LAMPS ?!”

By late September, moth memes were on every corner of the internet. Some people liked the meme so much that they got tattoos of it. In a short period of time, the moth travelled from dull relative of colorful butterflies to beloved internet entity.



Before, I shuddered at the vision of moths fluttering around a lamp. Since most moths are nocturnal, I associated moths with other pests that come out at night. Still, moths are plainly not the most difficult kind of insect. They don’t sting, they don’t bite, and they generally don’t cause harm to humans–although moths can devastate a favorite sweater. Since moths are sort of neutral, they’re the perfect topic for a meme.

The internet devoted moths a personality, and it’s that of a man asking politely for the object of their longing. But that object, artificial sunlight, does not exactly benefit moths. It’s generally believed that moths are drawn to light because they use the moon as a navigational tool. When they hear a ignite that looks like moonlight, they head toward it, often repeatedly making the source in confusion. Winging into an artificial brightnes often leads to a moth’s demise.

When you recognize why moths genuinely wanted to go lamp, the meme takes on a darker feeling. I open Twitter everyday despite what I met on the website the working day before. If I didn’t need to be on Twitter for my work, I’d probably still find myself reopen the app over and over again. Like a moth to the flame.


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