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CPG Roundup: KFC, General Mills, Wendy’s, Butterfingers & Mars Wrigley


KFC Firelogs

In this publication of CPG Roundup, we take a look at KFC’s scented firelogs, General Mills’ new cereals, Wendy’s Twitter sandwich promotion, Butterfinger’s recipe and package updates, and Mars Wrigley’s flower expansion.

KFC Scented Firelogs

The brand extension “youve never” knew you needed: KFC has introduced sweet-smelling firelogs that reek like Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe.

As the company mentions,” the KFC 11 Herbs& Spices Firelog finally puts to rest the age-old quandary,’ How can I make this fire a hundred bajillion times better? ‘”

The firelog is just made by of 100% recycled materials by Enviro-Log, and reflects the results of countless hours of research and development.” Pick up a firelog today ,” says KFC,” and you’ll be wondering how you were ever able to enjoy a flaming that didn’t smell like fried chicken.

KFC Firelogs

General Mills Adds to Morning Lineup

General Mills has unveiled two new cereals and announced the return of a third.

The company is adding Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros cereal to its lineup of breakfast cereals. The bite-size churros are dusted with cinnamon and “you can count on each gnaw staying crunchy in milk, ” according to a press release.

The company is also introducing a fruity version of Luck Charms. The brand-new flavor is a combination of its famous marshmallows with brand-new red-faced, fruity cereal pieces.

In addition, the company is re-releasing Chocolate Toast Crunch, which features both chocolate and cinnamon.

General Mills New Cereals

Wendy’s Syrupy Holiday Tale

Wendy’s is promoting its new Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich for Maple Syrup Day through a Twitter campaign.

The fast-food chain tweeted a series of verses from a poem named “‘ Twas the Night Before Maple Syrup Day ,” a parody of the traditional vacation narrative, reports Mobile Marketer. Each verse is accompanied by an illustration by Twitter artist @SWatercolour.

Grab your Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich and gather around the flaming for a true vacation classic. pic.twitter.com/ iFwpYzXCRE

— Wendy’s (@ Wendys) December 17, 2018

Butterfinger Updates Recipe& Packaging

Butterfinger will debut new packaging and an updated recipe in 2019.

The brand-new recipe utilizes other types of peanut, more chocolate in the coating, and cuts the preservative TBHQ and hydrogenated oils, reports Business Insider.

The brand-new packaging is a bright yellowish and double-layered to avoid the candy from growing stale.


Mars Wrigley Endows $142 M in Plant Expansion

Mars Wrigley Confectionery interrupted field on a $142 million flower expansion in Cleveland, Tennessee. In April, the expanded manufacturing facility will start inducing Hazelnut Spread M& M’s, which will be fitted with hazelnut-filled soft center, similar to M& M’s Caramel candy.

The existing location already induces the largest part of Twix in North America and more M& M’s than any other facility worldwide, said Mack Phillips, flower website director.


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