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Rabbit problem

I’ve had two female rabbits for about six months. Today I am moving them to a new hutch. It has not been easy. I removed their old hutch which was fenced in so they can’t do their usual bullshit of disguising from me, but then when I tried to picking either up they’d start whining( seemed like geese) and fighting each other.

I managed to relocate one to the new hutch, but that was only because the other one forced her out over the fencing. I had to quickly pick her up. The last-place one remaining nonetheless is a total BITCH, and still creaking whenever I try to pick her up. Now I’d only do it, but despite her being a bitch, I’d feel bad if she panicked to fatality and I don’t want to get the shit scratched out of me.

The other problem is, could the fighting continue in the brand-new hutch? Or is this behavior because I removed the old-fashioned hutch too quickly( ordinarily I let them hide and whatever then merely pick them up when they settle down when I got to clean their area )?

Pls help

update: THE RABBITS ARE NOW IN THE NEW HUTCH. in other report, one remains a total cunt.

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