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Chipotle manager fired for denying service to Black man with an apparent history of dining and dashing

chipotle manager fired

A Chipotle manager has been fired following allegations from a Black customer that he, along with his friends, was denied service at the burrito chain last week. The incident has just taken place in St. Paul, Minn ., according to the commentary of the men filming the incident.

The two-minute video was posted on Twitter by user Masud Ali early Friday morning and has since garnered 31,000 retweets and more than 4,000 replies.

The video starts with the manager smiling and saying, “You gotta fee make “youve never” got money when you come in here.” The director was later identified by her first name, Dominique, on a GoFundMe page put up for her.

“We never got money, ” recurs person behind the camera in a sarcastic tint.

Though “the mens” behind the camera are still tittering and joking, developments in the situation soon escalates when a white-hot patron reportedly get his order without having to pay, according to the commentary from those behind the camera.

Chipotle has now been interrupted the manager, as they clarified in a tweet on Saturday afternoon šŸ˜› TAGEND

This is not how we treat our customers. We’re committed to treating everyone evenly and with respect. The director has been terminated and the administration is re-training everyone at the restaurant to ensure something like this doesn’t have happened. -Shaq

— Chipotle (@ ChipotleTweets) November 17, 2018

While Ali’s video proceeded viral and got a lot of the assistance provided, some Twitter customers shared screenshots of his old tweets in which he bragged about dining and dashing in the past.

They steal from restaurants in general and have been for a while. Your administrator may be right pic.twitter.com/ 5Cc4RX0keu

— rachel chinouriri (@ rchinouriri) November 18, 2018

The tweets were unavailable as of Sunday morning, and some of the users labelled in their own homes had their accounts in private mode or deactivated.

Following these tweets, many came out in is supportive of the manager.

soooo i actually sympathized for these guys until i found out that they literally dine and dash and have a history of doing it at this exact locating .. they get that lady fired out of a position because they wanted to lie for retweets. i am livid https :// t.co/ BhwHQRkn5 6

— HOOD CLEOPATRA (@ umcornell) November 18, 2018

Hold on … the girl that works there was of the view that they have cameras insinuating that they have gone without paying before PLUS someone added screenshots of them boasting about not paying for their food so … this ain’t it for me y’all. pic.twitter.com/ 1XuAhRYHOt

— Mo (@ moeliyah_) November 18, 2018

As an African American male I only wanna say: people like YOU are the reason we will ALWAYS be gazed down upon. You have no reproach for setting that poor dame up like that to lose her position. If anyone knows of a GoFundMe for her expiration, let me know.

— The Joker (@ TheJokerOfNY) November 18, 2018

I’ll be in tomorrow for free meat tomorrow. If you don’t give it to me, I’ll shout racism.

— Niles P. Clarke (@ RobertHPaulson) November 18, 2018

A Change.org petition was set up to help the manager get her chore back.

Ali did not respond to the Daily Dot’s is asking for note; however, Chipotle provided the following statement šŸ˜› TAGEND

Our acts were based on the facts known to us immediately after the incident, including video footage, social media posts and a discussion with the customer, administrator, and our employees. We now have additional information which needs to be investigated further. We want to do the right thing, so after extensive investigations we will re-train and re-hire if the facts warrant it.

The incident took place at the end of a year when ethnic profiling at stores and in public places has been widely recorded and reported, prompted by the unsubstantiated arrest of two black customers at a Starbucks store in Philadelphia in April. It’s since fostered many to record their experiences of being racially profiled and to hold people accountable for their racist behavior and attitudes.

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