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Celebrating the Feminist Victories of the 2018 Midterm Elections

FTAG 1 TT SPTAG 1 TT SPTAG 2 TTImage caption SPTAG 3 TT A handbag from TK Maxx was made from fox fur, while shoes bought from the storage online included raccoon bird-dog fur

Shops including Amazon and TK Maxx have been selling faux fur clothes and pouches which are actually made from rabbit, fox and raccoon hound coat, a BBC Watchdog Live investigation has found.

Widespread concern over animal cruelty has led to real fur very nearly disappearing from most UK high streets.

Both TK Maxx and Amazon said the products were no longer available.

TK Maxx “re saying it” does not knowingly buy real wool and a mistake was shaped. It has offered refunds to anyone affected.

Watchdog Live presenter Steph McGovern inspected a branch of TK Maxx – which has had a no-fur plan for 15 years – and bought a handbag made from fox hair.


And a pair of shoes purchased on the store’s website featured fluffy bobbles which were made from raccoon puppy fur.

Meanwhile, two bobble hats sold by Amazon and described as “faux fur” were shaped with raccoon bird-dog fur.

Rabbit fur was also found in a jumper acquired at an AX Paris outlet store and in fluffy bobbles on a pair of shoes bought from way label Missy Empire.

FTAG 2 TT SPTAG 4 TT 1 SPTAG 5 TTImage caption SPTAG 6 TT Fur farming is banned in the UK, but it is not illegal to import hair from abroad

FTAG 3 TT SPTAG 7 TT ms. blog digest banner SPTAG 8 TTImage caption SPTAG 9 TT The “fake fur” on this gray jumper’s starring, bought from an AX Paris outlet shop, was made from rabbit

The tests were carried out by textile analysis expert Dr Phil Greaves. He told the programme: “All animal fibers have particular structural features.

“And it’s the actual nature and characteristic of these which determines the species of origin.

“These fibres are extremely distinctive formerly under the microscope.”

How to spot the difference between real and fake wool

Real animal fur sold as sham in London markets

SPTAG 11 TTImage caption SPTAG 12 TT Watchdog presenter Steph McGovern with Chloe and her real coat hat

SPTAG 16 TTImage caption SPTAG 17 TT Raccoon puppies are wild animals native to southern and eastern Asia

Call for debate on censoring sales of real coat

Why my real fur sells ‘like hotcakes’

SPTAG 18 TTMedia captionCritics and supporters of the fur commerce speak out

Read more: msmagazine.com

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