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Child Killer Roy Whiting Fighting For Life After Brutal Prison Attack

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The child killer Roy Whiting has been left “re fighting” his life after being’ repeatedly stabbed’ with a makeshift blade while in his cell.

Whiting, 59, who’s providing a life sentence at Wakefield Prison, West Yorkshire for the abduction, sex crime, and carnage of eight-year-old Sarah Payne, was reportedly assaulted by two convicted assassins on Thursday.

According to reports Whiting was left’ drenched in blood’ and was taken to hospital in a crucial condition, where he received treatment for several thrusts wounds.

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Medics allegedly are concerned that he had lost too much blood and that he would not survive the attack. Nonetheless, NHS staff managed to stabilise the killer who is now reportedly back in prison.

A source told The Sun that they believed had Whiting been stabbed on the street he would have died and that it’s only thanks to the professionalism of prison public officials and NHS staff that he survived.

They said:

If Whiting had been stabbed in the street he might have died. Because he was in prison, every alarm was developed and he was hastened to hospital within minutes.

It’s testament to the professionalism of the staff involved that he lived. He may not deserve it, but he’s a lucky man indeed.

A prison service spokesperson substantiated an attack took place at HMP Wakefield on Thursday evening adding that they received hospital treatment and are now back in prison in a’ stable condition.

The incident is being investigated by the police.

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Since he was firstly imprisoned in 2001 a number of newspapers have reported that there is a price on Whiting’s head and he has been attacked several times in the past.

In 2002 Rickie Tregaskis attacked Whiting with a razor while fetching hot water, the attack left Whiting with a six-inch scar on his face. Meanwhile, in 2011 doubled murderer Gary Vinter stabbed Whiting in the eye with a sharpened lavatory brush.

Whiting is providing a 40 -year minimum convict for kidnapping eight-year-old Sarah Payne from countries around the world lane close to her grandparent’s house while she played hide and seek with her brothers.

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Despite police seeing sufficient evidence to convict Whiting, he denied all the allegations made against him. He was eventually is guilty of Sarah’s murder in December 2001 and jailed for life.

After the widely publicised court case, it was revealed that Whiting was already a convicted child sex offender.

This led to Sarah’s family campaigning for the government to allow controlled access to the sexuality offender registry.

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The idea lies in the fact that mothers could look up if a known child sex-offender was living in their area. Sarah Payne’s mother, Sara has insisted that such a statute would have saved her daughter’ s life.

After a successful modified version of the scheme ran in 2008 the home office announced in 2010 that the Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme, also known as Sarah’s Law, would be extended to cover the whole of England and Wales.

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