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Netflix May Have Deleted User Reviews To Save Face On Originals

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In what may have been a response to a marked increase in negative ratings for their original content, Netflix has removed user critiques entirely. July 30 marked the final luck for followers to offer public criticism of presents like Orange Is The New Black, Master Of None, or Bojack Horseman , at the least via the Netflix website.

Unlike competitor Amazon Prime Video – which recently announced a better quality over sum focused initiative – Netflix has been pumping out original content as often as possible since House Of Cards debuted in 2013. From original Tv serial to films to stand-up comedy specials, the streaming service has been attempting to stray further and further away from licensing pre-existing content by filling the site with its own substance. The affluence at which content architects have been attaining Netflix deals allows for brand-new voices and stories to be heard that may have otherwise lacked a proper platform. Regrettably, as the amount of Netflix originals has increased, the subscribers ratings of those originals have been on a consistent downward trajectory.

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Citing the condone of “declining usage”, Netflix removed their user examines feature permanently in August, wiping out all past contributions from the locate. In actuality, this move appears to be an attempt to conceal poor ratings- as suggested today by Cordcutting. Their report includes two graphs, one depicting Netflix’s discernible and coherent rise in volume of original content, and another tracking how ratings on said content continued to trend negative. While correlation doesn’t equal causation, the information presented is surely intriguing.

Having created many high quality appearances and movies over the years, Netflix is arguably doing itself a incessant disservice by pumping out a constant stream of what many deem low quality content. Now, with the removal of its user critiques, followers will have even less of an ability to discern the likes of the critically acclaimed Beasts Of No Nation from a movie like The Do-Over – an Adam Sandler vehicle that was widely regarded as awful.

In an attempt to create a large library of their own content and become less reliant on pre-existing content, Netflix is creating a deep woodland of subpar material in which their higher character content is likely to be get lost. Perhaps by investing more day on pre-production and opting to focus on excellence over sum, Netflix could change the culture of their service. Otherwise, disappointed customers is finally find themselves drifting over to competing platforms.

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Source: Cordcutting

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