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Chris Pine Says He’s Waiting For Star Trek 4 Phone Call

Chris Pine revealed he’s still interested in reprising his persona as Captain Kirk for Star Trek 4, but he’s currently in a holding pattern with Paramount Studios. Plans for the cinema hit a roadblock earlier the summer months negotiations stalled between the film’s two major suns, Pine and Chris Hemsworth.

In the wake of the success of Star Trek: Discovery, Paramount’s moved forward with are projected to freeing not one, but two possible films in the Star Trek franchise, one being Quentin Tarantino’s ambitious attempt to create an R-Rated film that involves cast member states of several of Star Trek’s previous series, and another being the fairly more straightforward fourth installment of J.J. Abrams’ Kelvin Universe timeline. At first it appeared that that film was more likely to get off the ground sooner passed its ready-made all-star cast and a somewhat more developed time-travel story involving Kirk and his late father-god George( Hemsworth ). But while Hemsworth and Pine’s rising status induced them highly attractive get for the upcoming film, it also made them very expensive, and contract negotiations ran into troubles reportedly over their paychecks. In the consequences of the that revelation, supposition has been rampant about whether or not Kirk and Kirk would be recast or if the franchise would simply continues its a different story absent its most recognizable persona at the helm.

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For those who think that’s impossible, hope remained alive today as Chris Pine revealed he’s still very interested in development projects, but is just waiting on word from the studio to see if it can happen. During a red carpet interview at the Toronto International Film Festival, Pine said this in response to Variety‘s question about the country of its involvement in the project 😛 TAGEND

“I don’t know, I signify I’d love to be involved, and we’ll watch what happens and I’ll await the phone call. Until then, I look forward to it.”

The fact that Pine is still actively enthusiastic and positive about development projects means his participation in the movie is still a possibility. That’s a the best thing considering there’s a huge risk in launching Star Trek 4 without Captain Kirk. Despite any reboots’ they are able to reinvent its informant substance, losing a attribute that’s so much better of an fix as Kirk would represent a huge risk to a dealership that has far from proven its ability to exist without him. The Abrams movies has significantly built themselves around Kirk – Zachary Quinto’s Spock has figured in prominently, and the corroborating casting has more than paid their dues, the captain’s narrative has always driven any Star Trek narrative related to the Original Series.

While the Kelvin Universe movies don’t need George Kirk to survive, they arguably necessity James in some capability to evade a noticeably gaping pit where Star Trek’s inaugural chieftain “wouldve been”. The only behavior in which we could see Kirk sitting out a Kelvin Universe movie in a palatable style would be for that series to write his death in a manner that is “thats been” reminiscent of Spock’s death in Wrath of Khan and then to follow it up with a( hopefully better executed) reboot of The Search for Spock. But considering Into Darkness already did away with such a possibility, it’s hard to see how Paramount could induce Star Trek 4 without the movie mood strangely lacking.

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