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Facebook, Twitter: US intelligence could help us more in fighting election interference

Facebook’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg has admitted that the social networking monster could have done more to prevent foreign intervention on its platforms, but said that the government also needs to step up its intellect sharing efforts.

The remarks are ahead of an open hearing at the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday, where Sandberg and Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey will witness on foreign interference and election meddling on social media platforms. Google’s Larry Page was invited, but declined to attend.

” We were too slow to spot this and too slow to behave ,” said Sandberg in devised remarks.” That’s on us .”

The hearing comes in the aftermath of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Social media corporations has become increasingly for the purposes of the spotlight after foreign performers, believed to be working for or closely to the Russian government, employed disinformation spreading tactics to try to influence the outcome of the election, as well as in the run-up to the midterm elections subsequently this year.

Both Facebook and Twitter have removed reports and bots from their websites believed to be involved in spreading disinformation and false news. Google said last year that it saw Russian meddling tries on its platforms.

” We’re to do better at noting and combating our antagonists, from financially motivated troll farms to sophisticated military intelligence operations ,” said Sandberg.

But Facebook’s second-in-command also said that the US government could do more to help companies understand the wider scene from Russian interference.

” We continue to monitor our services for abuse and share information with law enforcement and others in our industry about these threats ,” she said.” Our understanding of overall Russian activity in 2016 is limited because we do not have access to the information or investigative tools that the U.S. government and this Committee have ,” she said.

Later, Twitter’s Dorsey also said in his own proclamation:” The threat we are confronted involves extensive partnership and collaboration with our government spouses and industry peers ,” adding:” We each possess knowledge the other does not have, and the combined information is more powerful in combating these threats .”

Both Sandberg and Dorsey are subtly be submitted to classified information that the government has but private companies don’t get to see — information that is considered a commonwealth secret.

Tech corporations have in recent years pushed for more access to knowledge that federal agencies have , not least to help protect against increasing cybersecurity threats and hostile nation nation actors. The belief proceeds that the idea of sharing intelligence can help companies defend against the best resourced hackers. But efforts to introduce legislation has been demonstrated controversial because commentators argue that in sharing threat information with the governmental forces private user data would also be collected and sent to US intelligence agencies for further investigation.

Instead, tech companies are now pushing for information from Homeland Security to better understand the threats they face — to independently fend off future attacks.

As reported, tech companies last month met in secret to discuss preparations to counter foreign manipulation on their platforms. But attendees, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google and Microsoft are said to have” left the meeting discouraged” that they received little insight from the government.

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