Infinity War Fan Discovers Thanos Scene Parallel With First Iron Man Movie

Avengers: Infinity War seems to have maintained a subtle parallel to Iron Man. Marvel Studios pulled off their long scheme earlier this year with the liberate of Infinity War. What began as only new ideas of an interconnected world in 2008 with Iron Man brought them to a region where, in 2018, everything could be tied together. The third Avengers film was deemed the culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to this point, but Avengers 4 could be an even greater example of it. As the MCU has continued on, there hasn’t been a bigger or most important persona than Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark.

Downey is the face of the MCU right now, just as he was when it firstly began. The literal poster-boy for the MCU symbolizes Stark on and off the screen, but its been Tony’s growth as a persona that has helped construct him so compelling. Even though he started off opposing terrorists, little did he know that he’d be on another planet battling an alien just some years later. His adventures have brought him near fatality on a few moments, and one of his earliest ones looks very similar to his latest.

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Reddit user DraftDraw shared an image in the Marvel Studios subreddit that shows the similarities between Infinity War and Iron Man. On the left of the image are several shots from the duel on Titan in Infinity War, where Thanos stabs Iron Man in the final minutes. The other side of the photo shows almost identical shots to similarly deadly events happening to Tony during Iron Man, when Obadiah Stane( Jeff Bridges) steals his arc reactor.

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The latitudes between the two incidents are obvious, but whether or not this was intentional or only a happy coincidence remains to be seen. There are only so many ways to frame these events, and building the villain tower over the hero to establish predominance is a commonly used trick. That said, it hasn’t stopped fans from desiring the similarities between Stark’s completely separate near-death experiences. And, the facts of the case that both Thanos and Stane are bald has undoubtedly not started unnoticed as a different way for how these instances reflect each other.

Tony plainly scaped fatality both periods, but what comes after each may be very different. Subsisting and then defeating Stane simply further encouraged Tony to be Iron Man. But, surviving Thanos’ snap and recognizing everybody else around him disappear will have an unknown impact on the character. The more likely outcome is Tony operates himself tirelessly to save those who were lost, but that may come at a cost. Will he sacrifice their own lives to deliver everyone back? If he doesn’t and he’s successful, will he then leave his hero days behind? It’s unlikely Tony goes on to be a hero for another 10 years after Thanos stabbed him in Avengers: Infinity War, but his future will be something Avengers 4 has to deal with.

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