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Emmerdale star James Moore: ‘Meeting Bails changes Ryan’s perception of Charity!’

James Moore reveals what happens when Ryan Stocks comes face-to-face with his biological father – written by Claire Crick

Emmerdale spoilers! Charity Dingle finds her son Ryan talking to his rapist dad DI Bails

DI Bails is back in Emmerdale next week and it doesn’t take long for him to induce more hassle for Charity when he secretly goes to visit their son, Ryan Stocks. But will Bails manage to poison Ryan against Charity just as his test for sexually abusing her as a teen approachings?

Bails’ return comes just as Charity and Ryan are moving forward with their relationship, so much better so that next week Charity even introduces Ryan to his little brother, Moses.

Emmerdale star James Moore, aka Charity's son, hits back at nasty jibes

Deciding now is the time for Ryan to meet the rest of the Dingles, Charity schemes their own families dinner where she will stir her big-hearted announcement. But as performer James Moore discloses, Charity’s plan doesn’t quite work out.

“Ryan’s very excited about Charity’s family dinner and he’s quite prepared to dive in and get to know everyone.

“Meeting Moses is a touching minute for everyone involved. Ryan’s so excited to have a little brother and a bigger household to come in to. Especially as for quite a while it’s only been him and Irene.”

But before Charity can set the final contacts to her family dinner, she’s stunned when she goes to Ryan’s house and procures Bails there.

“Bails visits Ryan for the purposes of the guise that he wants to get to know him better, but Ryan knows something is amiss, ” discloses James.

“When Ryan discovers Bails has a wife and a family his perception is varied and he’s more hesitating to believe Charity’s version of events.

“Charity’s frightened to check them together and are concerned that Bails could be putting ideas into Ryan’s head. But at the end of the working day what she’s really concerned about is Ryan’s safety.”

With Bails’ trial looming, it looks like we will be seeing plenty more of the corrupt police officer. But despite his intimidating existence, James is convinced that once his alter ego ultimately satisfies the rest of the Dingles they’ll get on like a house on fire…

“Ryan’s a Dingle at heart and he’d love to be part of the clan. His sense of humour and his attitude to life resonated well with them, and I think he’d thrive as part of their family.”

Emmerdale continues on ITV.

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