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South Korea Plans To Ban 20,000 BMWs Due To Engine Fire Risk

South Korea’s transport ministry wants to ban roughly 20,000 BMW vehicles as fears about possible engine fires continue to grow. This ban comes after 27 engines had already gone up in flames between January and July of this year.

This unfortunate series of events has prompted BMW Korea chairman, Kim Hyo-Joon to apologize last week, while ordering a recall of no fewer than 106,000 diesel-powered Bimmers come August 20th, including the 520d.

The new government ban is said to affect about 20,000 BMW models, which are all part of the recall yet haven’t received safety checks, reports Automotive News Europe.

“I am asking owners of the BMW cars subject to the recall to actively cooperate to prevent bigger accidents, despite your inconvenience,” said Transport Minister Kim Hyun-Mee during a press conference earlier this week.

Hyun-Mee added that owners of affected vehicles can drive them for the purpose of having them looked at by mechanics, as the ban is intended for quicker safety checks and not some type of punitive action against the owners. The order will come into effect as soon as select BMW owners receive a mail notice, as early as August 15th.

In Europe, this issue has already led to the recall of 340,000 BMW models. At fault is an exhaust gas recirculation module, specific to diesel-powered BMWs.

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