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Alphabet says Loon and Wing are ready to become real businesses, but it’s impossible to know if any of its ‘other bets’ are paying off (GOOG)

Alphabet CEO Larry Page, 2015Jeff Chiu/AP

Alphabet announced that Wing and Loon, two projects developed by its X research lab, have now graduated to being full businesses in its “other bets” category.
The move means the company thinks their technical problems are solved and it’s time for them to develop as businesses.
That’s potentially good news for investors, but it’s hard to know just what to make of it.
Collectively, Alphabet’s other bets have been losing billions of dollars each year and dragging down the company’s earnings.
But because the company offers no details on the individual results of its other bets companies, it’s impossible for outsiders to assess which have potential and which are dogs.

Loon and Wing can no longer be considered loony or wing nut ideas.

Now, whether either of them will ever make any money for parent company Alphabet, or were worth what it invested in them is still anyone’s guess.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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