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Not many games are worth buying four times. ‘Lumines’ is one of them.


Let’s see. PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, and iOS.

Before its Nintendo Switch (and PlayStation 4/Xbox One) release this week, those were the platforms on which I already owned and had played Lumines previously. Each one, a version I’d happily, enthusiastically purchased. And here I am, back on my bullshit and fully on board for Lumines Remastered.

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I think a lot of us probably have games like this in our lives. Familiar, comforting experiences that you can just slip into and lose yourself for a few hours. I don’t think it’s quite accurate to say it happens on “autopilot” — I’m completely focused and engaged when I play Lumines. It’s more that the act of play is effortless and almost meditative. Read more…

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