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15 movie roles that had stars seriously considering giving up acting

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Christian Bale yelled at several members of the crew and threatened to leave the production of “Terminator Salvation.”
Jeremy Renner was so frustrated by playing the brainwashed version of Hawkeye that he asked the producers to off his character.

There was an infamous incident on the set of Terminator Salvation where Christian Bale snapped at the director of photography for changing the lighting levels during the filming of an important scene. Bale proceeded to yell at several members of the crew (including the director) and threatened to leave the production if things didn’t change.

Christian Bale’s tirade on the set of Terminator Salvation may sound like an overreaction to most people, but it can come off as just another day at the office to those who have worked on a movie set.

This is due to how stressful such productions are for all involved, especially as the length of time spent on set is costing the project more money with each passing hour.

The production of a major Hollywood movie can be stressful for all involved, so it’s no surprise that certain scenes can cause actors to want to quit the movie industry altogether. There have even been times when scenes have been so hard to film that the actors have risked their career by walking off the set and going home.

We are here today to look at the movie scenes that caused famous actors to rethink their career options.

From the wizard of Middle-Earth who almost got on the boat to the West a few years early to the member of The Avengers who wanted to bow out during the team’s finest hour, here are the 15 Movies That Made Actors Want To Quit!

“Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” – Jessica Alba
20th Century Fox

The Fantastic Four movie franchise seems to be cursed due to the numerous behind-the-scenes drama that has plagued each new entry in the series.

The Roger Corman Fantastic Four movie was a low-budget affair that was created to keep hold of the movie rights, while the recent Fantastic Four movie was critically panned and dogged by rumors of director Josh Trank acting like a lunatic during its production.

The two Fantastic Four movies that were made in 2005 and 2007 had their fair share of behind-the-scenes drama. There was one particular incident that almost made Jessica Alba quit acting altogether.

The incident involved a scene in the second Fantastic Four movie where Sue Storm was supposed to cry. According to Jessica Alba, Tim Story (the director of the movie) told her that her crying acting looked too real and too painful.

He wanted her to cry in a way that still made her look pretty, so he asked her to keep her face flat, as they could add the tears in later using CGI.

It was during the filming of this scene that Jessica Alba began to doubt her acting ability and was worried that Tim Story didn’t trust enough in her instincts to work with her properly.

“Interview with the Vampire” – Brad Pitt

One of the most difficult aspects of making any vampire-centric movie or TV show is the lack of natural light. Vampires are burned by sunlight, which means that they exclusively hang out at nighttime or in dark venues. This can be tricky for movie productions, as it costs more money for film crews to work at night.

Brad Pitt has talked about how much he suffered on the set of Interview with the Vampire due to how he spent almost six months working in the dark.

Pitt spent the bulk of the production wearing an uncomfortable costume, as well as thick yellow contact lenses, but these were only a minor annoyance compared to his time in Pinewood Studios.

The production of Interview with the Vampire used the legendary Pinewood Studios in London for the scenes involving the Théâtre des Vampires, as well as the resting place of the Parisian vampires.

It was during the filming of these scenes that Brad Pitt seriously considered quitting the production, to the point where he called David Geffen (one of the producers of the movie) and asked how much money it would cost to quit the movie.

Geffen told Pitt that it would personally cost him over forty-million dollars to leave the movie at that late stage, which convinced Pitt to stay.

“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” – Ian McKellen
Peter Jackson / Google+

The Fellowship of the Ring was made up of members that varied greatly in size, as Frodo and the hobbits were as small as children, while the rest were of a regular height.

This led to Peter Jackson and his crew using several forced perspective tricks in order to make it seem like the hobbit actors were a lot smaller than they actually were.

The Hobbit movies were filmed using specal cameras that recorded at forty-eight frames-per-second, which meant that a lot of the tricks used on The Lord of the Rings would no longer work. This meant that a lot of the trilogy had to be filmed using green screens in order to facilitate the higher quality of the visuals.

The increased usage of green screens came as a shock to Ian McKellen, who was now given a lot less material to work with as an actor.

He almost quit the production within the first few days of filming, as he felt that he couldn’t do his job if he was acting on his own.

The crew of The Hobbit did their best to keep Ian McKellen’s spirits high, which resulted in a “Gandalf Appreciation Day” for him. McKellen remained with The Hobbit movies and is considered to be one of the highlights of the trilogy.

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