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How to Save Your Own Life in 12 Scary Emergencies

Emergencies happen While your odds of having a heart attack are much higher than those of finding yourself in most of these scenarios, strange things happen every day. For example, every 12 seconds, someone called a poison center for help in 2017. Each year an estimated 646, 000 people die …

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100 Fun Activities To Do On School Holidays

Tired of hearing” I’m bored Mum “? Well, here are just a few suggestions of fun things to do on school holidays! 1. Have a kids MasterChef competition at home. Keep banquets simple- something such as pizza( simply the toppings for little kids) is perfect. This runs specially well if …

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Best Cameras For Wildlife Photography

Choosing a camera for wildlife photography used to mean selecting from a small group of professional-level DSLRs that had the velocity and telephoto lens alternatives needed to capture close-up views of fast-moving topics. Today, there’s a much wider range of cameras that can meet the needs of wildlife photographers, including …

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Distemper in Dogs

Canine Distemper in Dogs Canine distemper is a contagious and serious viral illness with no known antidote. The malady affects puppies, and certain species of wildlife, such as raccoons, wolves, foxes, and skunks. The common mansion pet, the ferret, is also a carrier of this virus. Canine distemper belongs to …

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Latest sex accusation against Trump lands with a thud

Nearly a week after the latest sex misconduct accusation against President Donald Trump, the tale are generally landed with a thud. Some realise the softened response to author E. Jean Carroll’s allegation of Trump assaulting her in a department store dressing room more than two decades ago as yet another …

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About time: why western philosophy can only teach us so much

By gaining greater knowledge of how others envision, we can become less certain of the knowledge we think we have, which is always the first step to increased understanding. By Julian Baggini One of “the worlds largest” unexplained wonders of human history is that written philosophy firstly flowered altogether separately …

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