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How Justin Trudeau survived

MONTREAL — Justin Trudeau chose his adversaries well — and secured a little help from a friend named Barack Obama. He was contrite following a racism scandal, waited out a dishonesty probe and banked on the appeal of his liberal policies and the positive press from his busines tangling with …

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Intel’s top watchdog testifies as Trump’s Ukraine mess spirals

The intelligence community’s top watchdog arrived on Capitol Hill Friday morning amid an outcry over President Donald Trump’s open solicitation of assistance from Ukraine and China to target his political rivals. Michael Atkinson, the intelligence community’s inspector general, is testifying behind closed- door before the House Intelligence Committee the day …

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No One Knows Trump’s Next Move

It was a part of the presidency that would come to surprise Bill Clinton, if simply because of its heartrending frequency. Soon after the grease-gun carnage at Columbine High School in the spring of 1999, Clinton flew to Littleton, Colorado, to talk with students, educators, and parents mourning the deaths …

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