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BREAKING: Socialist Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire

Socialist Bernie Sanders won the Democrat primary on Tuesday night in New Hampshire, rimming out Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar. The Cook Political Report called the race approximately an hour longer, but now multiple mainstream books have also called the race. BREAKING: Sen. Bernie Sanders will win the New Hampshire …

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Walmart, site of recent shootings, has a complicated history with guns – The Washington Post

Walmart, site of recent shootings, has a complicated record with grease-guns The Washington PostWalmart Doesn’t Intend to Limit Gun, Ammo Sales After Shooting BloombergIn the wake of latest massacres, Walmart is pressured to stop selling grease-guns CNNWalmart Workers’ New Security Threat Is Active Shooters, Not Shoplifters The Wall street JournalGunman …

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REVIEWED BY AMBER N. WILEY FROM THE JANUARY 2019 ISSUE OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE MAGAZINE . New Orleans is ubiquitous in our collective imagery because of its robust sense of place. Tourism brochures and meeting programs essentialize the city–its food, music, architecture, and nightlife. In Cityscapes of New Orleans , the …

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KILLING KLAUS KINSKI BY SPIROS STATHOULOPOULOS The hostility of the Amazon and its natural forces reaches superlative levels during the shooting of a film. The overpowering jungle and harsh weather lead the film crew to plot the assassination of the main actor. As in cinema that scrutinizes itself, we revisit …

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