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‘Don’t Worry, We Can Just Print More Money’

At a news conference on Wednesday, the head of the Swedish Central Bank admitted that interest rates could potentially go as low-spirited as -1. 5 %, and quipped that Swedes likely wouldn’t even protest. Other countries implementing negative interest rate plans are making tepid ensues that don’t address the root …

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How to Save Money While Living in the City

Over the last few months, I’ve received a bunch of emails about what I do to save money while living in the city. Life is expensive, and urban life is especially pricey. As someone who has lived in both Chicago and New York, I said here today that saving in …

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Viral Tumblr Post Breaks Down The Poverty Cycle In America

The devil is in the details. This informative Tumblr post dedicated to breaking down the poverty cycles/second in America, is attaining the rounds. You be the magistrate on whether or not they’re on point with their breakdown. Submitted by: Tagged: tumblr, finance, poverty, awesome, financial, social media, viral Share on …

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The Worlds Most Valuable Football Clubs Globally

Source: Chaine des Rotisseurs A quick glance at the football world will corroborate without question that there is more than a little money being shed around. In reality, the immense quantity of zeroes pay money musicians is more than a little outrageous. This begs the question as to which football …

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