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How Princess Diana Predicted Her Own Tragic End

Of all the things Princess Diana lost in the downfall of her wedding to Prince Charles, “the worlds largest” painful, by far, may well be her emotional stability. After the breakup, Diana felt an encroaching appreciation she was being spied upon and had her chambers at Kensington Palace swept for …

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16 Things That Will Happen Once Queen Elizabeth II Dies

Operation” London Bridge” will go into effect Queen Elizabeth II has been available for almost everybody’s entire lifetime. At 92 year olds, she is the longest-reigning British monarch, having taken the throne at the young age of 25 in 1952. So understandably, it’s hard to imagine what will happen when …

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32 Times Chrissy Teigen Made Headlines in Her 32nd Year

Chrissy Teigen is winning the Internet. Everything she does — whether it’s steaming her vagina, playing with a flaw or wearing a headband — grows some kind of must-read, communal experience that’s shared across the web in festivity of its “realness.” And it’s not just women’s publications, TMZ and Comments …

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