Hillary Clinton’s Leaked Medical Records, Fact or Fiction? Alleged “Statement of Health issued in July 2015″


Were Hillary Clinton’s medical records leaked to the public? Is Hillary Clinton really suffering from dementia, seizures and memory loss? A new report indicates that Hillary Clinton’s medical records have been leaked, but not everyone agrees. Are the medical records…

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Hillary: Seriously Ill from Dementia, Seizures and Blackouts. Comparative analysis of other US Presidents Who Experienced Serious Health Problems


Besides numerous other reasons relating to affairs of state to keep Hillary from succeeding Obama, her deteriorating physical, mental and emotional health should automatically disqualify her. Her illness is incurable, worsening over time, perhaps incapacitating her in office if she…

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Thousands of Saudi-Backed Terrorists Ready to Enter Syria via Border with Jordan


Saudi intelligence officers have been training at least 7,000 anti-Syria fighters in Jordan’s territories and plan to dispatch them to the war-hit country via its Southern borders to distract the army from the war in Aleppo, Arab media disclosed. “Over…

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Western Corporate Media ‘Disappears’ over 1.5 Million Syrians and 4,000 Doctors


As the Syrian Arab Army and Syrian government make more significant advances in restoring security to northern Syria’s Aleppo and its population, war-propagandizing human rights groups posing as neutral, and Western media (and Gulf counterparts like Al Jazeera) churn out…

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