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A New Low in US Presidential Politics: The Anointment of Hillary, the Neocon “War Goddess”


Anointing her by electoral rigging to lead one wing of America’s duopoly system reveals the deplorable state of the nation – tyranny posing as democracy. A new low in presidential politics was reached with a candidate representing Washington’s lunatic fringe,…

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Selected Articles: The Neo-Con “West” And Global Destruction. A “New World Order” of Globalized Despair


The Neo-Con “West” And Global Destruction. A “New World Order” of Globalized Despair By Mark Taliano, July 29 2016 The neo-con “West” and its allies want to destroy the Middle East so that they can control the Middle East. Under…

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Contra una invocación abusiva de la legítima defensa en la lucha contra el terrorismo


Desde varias semanas circula en la red un llamado colectivo suscrito por una gran cantidad de profesores de derecho internacional, asistentes e investigadores, titulado “Contra una invocación abusiva del derecho de legítima defensa para hacer frente al terrorismo” (A plea…

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20,000,000 bucks to bury the spirit of a bull? In a solid piece of granite that takes 27 years to make?


Unlike anything else Egypt has to offer. The giant stone sarcophagi made from a solid piece of granite hidden in the underground temple of the serapeum is probably the least understood site of the ancient Egyptians ...

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Canada gives day parole to ‘Balaclava Rapist’ Larry Takahashi serving three life sentences


Preview A Canadian serial rapist, who is serving three life sentences, has been granted day parole, something that has become a regular occurrence over the past few years. The parole board said it believes Takahashi can manage his continued rape fantasies.
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