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Freak of nature: FDA approves genetically engineered mosquitoes to combat Zika virus


Preview Genetically engineered mosquitoes have been approved for field trials in Florida by the Food and Drugs Administration, in order to battle the spreading Zika virus. The federal agency says it “will not have significant impacts on the environment.”
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Terrorists execute 3 civilians trying to flee Aleppo via humanitarian corridor – Russian MoD


Preview Three civilians who tried to flee a rebel-controlled area of Aleppo via a humanitarian corridor were captured and executed, the Russian Ministry of Defense said, adding that Al-Nusra and Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists in the area are trying to break free of the army’s siege.
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Republican Presidential Campaign in Crisis: Republican National Committee Could Pressure Trump To Withdraw from the Race


The presidential campaign of Republican candidate Donald Trump fell deeper into crisis on Wednesday, with numerous media reports that top Republican officials were considering an “intervention” to redirect the campaign, or even an effort to remove Trump as the Republican…

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What if U.S. Election 2016 Fails to Give Either Presidential Candidate 270 Electoral Votes? The Twelfth Amendment Sets In…


What if the results of Election 2016 failed to give either major party presidential candidate 270 Electoral votes? In this event, the Twelfth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution stipulates the President is elected by the House of Representatives, and the…

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