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20,000,000 bucks to bury the spirit of a bull? In a solid piece of granite that takes 27 years to make?


Unlike anything else Egypt has to offer. The giant stone sarcophagi made from a solid piece of granite hidden in the underground temple of the serapeum is probably the least understood site of the ancient Egyptians ...

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Canada gives day parole to ‘Balaclava Rapist’ Larry Takahashi serving three life sentences


Preview A Canadian serial rapist, who is serving three life sentences, has been granted day parole, something that has become a regular occurrence over the past few years. The parole board said it believes Takahashi can manage his continued rape fantasies.
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“Undemocratic” Democratic Party Convention. The Rigged Hillary Candidacy


Democracy in America isn’t “messy” the way some duopoly power insiders portray it.  It’s nonexistent, policymakers ignoring the will of the people and their welfare entirely. Events in Philadelphia alone expose how America is run, for its privileged class alone…

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