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The Retreat of Al Qaeda in Syria. The Liberation of Aleppo. Russian Air Strikes Contemplated against Remaining Terrorist Pockets


On December 3, Syrian government forces broke again Al-Nusra-led militant coalition (Jaish al-Fatah) defense lines in Aleppo city significant areas west of the Aleppo International Airport. The Syrian army, Liwa al-Quds and their allies liberated Tareeq al-Bab and al-Myassar Jazmati…

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Make NAFTA ‘fairer’: Trump won’t ‘rip up’ trade deal – report


Preview A senior adviser on President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team is soothing the concerns of business heads who fear upheavals in international trade agreements. The official said Trump will “right-size” NAFTA, not throw it out entirely.
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