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Strange Washington Post “Conspiracy Theory”: Renowned Medical Doctor Claims that Putin or Trump Could Have Poisoned Hillary Clinton


The Washington Post published an article claiming that a well-known doctor is accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump of possibly poisoning Hillary Clinton. Dr. Bennet Omalu discovered ‘Chronic Traumatic encephalopathy’ (CTE) in the brains of deceased players of…

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Selected Articles: Monsanto and Bayer: Why Food And Agriculture Just Took A Turn For The Worse


Monsanto and Bayer: Why Food And Agriculture Just Took A Turn For The Worse By Colin Todhunter, September 15 2016 The mergers would mean that three companies would dominate the commercial agricultural seeds and chemicals sector, down from six - …

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Syria’s “Good” and “Bad” Terrorists: Russia Accuses Al Qaeda Rebels (Supported by US) of Violating Ceasefire


The Russian General Staff reported that US-backed ‘opposition forces’ have violated the ceasefire regime 23 time since its implementation. The US-backed ‘moderate groups’ have shelled both residential areas and positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). As result, 6 people…

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