media concentration is the Number one enemy

media concentration is the Number one enemy How Did those WTC Buildings Collapse? by Scott LoughreyThe Washington Post recently (and casually) reported (1/3/03) that the ownership of our nation’s media and entertainment industries is becoming more even more consolidated than they are today. FCC Chairman Michael Powell is determined to relax the restrictions which …

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911 world trade tower 7

Mysteries abound about World Trade Center 7’s (WTC-7) demise on September 11. In the early evening in the Big Apple of that horrific day this 47-story steel building suddenly collapsed. An odd series of failures had occurred. They began when a small amount of debris falls from the implosion of …

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London Underground is polluted with ultrafine METALLIC particles that are small enough to end up in the bloodstream

study found the London Underground is filled with ultrafine metallic particles   The tiny particles can be easily breathed in and enter people’s bloodstreams   The Cambridge University study says the health risks posed remain unknown  Particles of iron oxides have been detected as having five nanometre diameters Every day, more than …

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