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US media seek elusive ‘Russian hackers’ in Qatar-Arab league crisis


Preview With the Gulf state of Qatar facing isolation by its neighbors, the US media are seeking a simple and familiar explanation to the complex diplomatic rift. The country is accused of supporting terrorism, but according to CNN, it's Russian hackers who are to blame.
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Trump violated Twitter users’ First Amendment rights when he blocked them – lawyers


Preview A legal group wants President Donald Trump to unblock users from his Twitter account, arguing that his account constitutes a “designated public forum.” Blocking individuals is, therefore, a violation of constitutional rights, the lawyers claim.
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Why the London Terror Attack Happened Now. Terrorism is the Use of Indiscriminate Violence for Political Ends


One has to wonder why terrorists like those who struck on Saturday night in London, and earlier in Manchester, launched their attacks now. It is difficult not to infer that their violence was timed to influence the UK election this

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Video: ISIS Maskanah Stronghold Liberated, Syrian Army Moves against Islamic State in Raqqa Province


Syrian government forces, led by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces, have achieved a major victory in the battle against ISIS in eastern Aleppo. Late on Friday, the Tiger Forces encircled the ISIS stronghold of Maskanah and took control

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