These 12 Key Events Will Happen Between The Solar Eclipse And September 30th

An extremely unusual convergence of events is going to take place. Some say this may be a major turning point for humanity and the United States. Starting with the solar eclipse in the US, there is going to come a lot more until the end of September ...

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#ImpeachTrump lights up Twitter but are there any grounds?

Preview US President Donald Trump’s comments that both left and right-wing protesters were responsible for Saturday’s mass violence in Charlottesville, Virginia has created a clamour online for his impeachment – despite not being grounds for the move.
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“Democratisation” of Eastern Europe in the EU. The Case of Romania

Featured image: Location of  Romania (dark green) (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

According to the EU establishment, modern Romania is a successful example of the transformation from a formerly socialist “totalitarian” country into a “democratic: nation, complete with a real fight

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