West, Arab states ‘protecting terrorists’ who will never win in Syria – Mother Agnes to RT


Preview The West and the Arab states keep sponsoring and defending militants in Syria, despite the fact that they will never prevail against the government, Christian nun and Syrian peace campaigner Mother Agnes-Mariam told RT.
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Entrevista com Timo Kivimäki : Terrorismo Global: Causas, Consequências e Soluções


O finlandês Timo Kivimäki, professor de Relações Internacionais e diretor de Pesquisa da Universidade de Bath (Reino Unido), especialista em terrorismo global e um dos poucos acadêmicos sóbrios ao pensar o assunto, concedeu a seguinte entrevista falando sobre suas origens,…

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US Presidential Campaign Has Become “Global Shame” …Russian Alleged Cyber-attacks and Political Meddling: “Fit of Nonsense” According to Moscow


Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said she believes the US presidential campaign is not worthy of the nation’s people, calling it a “catastrophe” and “simply some sort of a global shame” during a meeting with students on Tuesday. Commenting…

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