The Black Knight Satellite And The Ultimate Knowledge That Humanity Had Stolen From It

The human race has not reached it's true potential. We have not realized our birthright. And the past is calling out to us to reclaim our past glory. This program opens a dark ancient alien chapter in our human history, The Black Knight Satellite.

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Milwaukee jury urges criminal charges against county jail officials over inmate dehydration death

Preview A jury is recommending charges against seven Milwaukee County Jail staffers in connection with the death of an inmate whose water was shut off and never turned back on. Sheriff David Clarke, a possible Trump administration add-on, is not part of the group.
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Video: U.S. Crimes of Genocide against Korea: “We Killed Off – What – 20% of the Population. We Burned Down every Town in North Korea…”

The crimes committed by the US against the people of Korea in the course of the Korean War but also in its aftermath are unprecedented in modern history.

“We Killed Off – What – Twenty Percent of the Population. We

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