‘Unmitigated disaster’: US Navy’s Zumwalt destroyer project blasted as wasteful & incapable


Preview The US Navy’s Zumwalt-class destroyer is yet another military project suffering from cost ballooning and performance issues created by a flawed procurement system that encourages such creations, the conservative National Review magazine wrote.
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Movie from 1943 reveals bone-chilling Illuminati secrets … Producer got killed over it!


Ever heard of the film "Occult Forces" that came out in 1943? If you haven't heard of it no doubt you are not alone. Turns out the film which was the final one directed and produced by French director Paul Richie who was shot down in 1949 ...

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Secretary of State John Kerry: We Should Ignore What Anonymous CIA “Intelligence Officials” Say


While anonymous CIA officials have told the media that they know for sure that Russia hacked Democratic party emails and gave them to Wikileaks, the CIA and other American intelligence agencies are refusing to brief Congress in their official capacities…

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