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American Media “Trumpwashes” 70 Years of US Crimes. What is this “Liberal, Rules-based International Order”


Trumpwashing—defined as whitewashing, obscuring or rewriting the broader US record by presenting Donald Trump as an aberration (FAIR.org6/3/16)—was on full display Thursday in a nominally straight news report from the New York TimesMark Landler

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Europe ‘should be interested’ in improving Russia-US ties, key to non-proliferation – German FM


Preview Improvement in US-Russia relations should be of great interest for Europe, since the two states’ joint efforts are key to halting nuclear proliferation and resolving the North Korean deadlock, the German foreign minister says.
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Records of British Mandate of Palestine: Shimon Peres’ Request to Become Mandatory Palestine Citizen Revealed


MyHeritage revealed on December 28 2017 a database that includes the citizenship requests filed by 67,000 people during the British mandate period in the land of Israel. Among those who filed a request was former Israeli President Shimon Peres.

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