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‘Price to pay for US’: Beijing ready to confront Washington if it intervenes in S.China Sea dispute


Preview Beijing must prepare to make the US “pay a cost it can’t stand” if it intervenes in the South China Sea dispute by force, a state newspaper editorial has warned, days before a court at The Hague rules on the territorial row between China and the Philippines.
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Independence Day: Celebrate 240 Years of “Profit Driven Genocide”: African Slaves, Native Americans, Mexicans, Filipinos,


Independence Holiday in the USA becomes a time when citizens tend to reflect on the nations two hundred forty year history. It is a history typical of six European empires in the areas of genocide and plunder. - genocide: 1.…

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Are the famous 'Phoenix Lights' back? A Big UFO Caught on Camera Flying over Las Vegas – July 3rd 2016


A Big UFO was spotted while flying over Las Vegas on July 3rd 2016.
The formation of bright lights looked like the famous "Phoenix Light" phenomen, which shocked thousands of eye witnesses in texas in the year 1997 ...

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