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First Chernobyl hostel opens doors to tourists daring to explore Exclusion Zone (VIDEO)


Preview A new hostel in Chernobyl, Ukraine, offers a comfortable short-term stay in the exclusion zone built around the site of the worst nuclear incident in history. Plasma panels and free WiFi are among the perks for the guests of the four-story building, a former dormitory.
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Human brain operates in multi-dimensional geometrical structures in up to 11 dimensions


Brain In Humans Is Able To Create Structures Of As Many As 11 Dimensions
Neuroscientists have revealed that they have discovered a world that they could never have imagined after using a classic branch of mathematics in a way never before to look ...

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4,000 more US troops to be sent to Afghanistan – report


Preview Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis is reportedly set to announce an increase of about 4,000 US troops in Afghanistan. Most of the US boots on the ground will train or advise Afghan forces, but some will battle both a resurgent Taliban and Islamic State.
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